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Anmar: Baby Girl

Pregnancy and childbirth is just one of those things that logically should come naturally to us, but when you actually get round to it, it can feel like the most overwhelming experience ever.  I can never stress how important it is to surround yourself with the right support.  I was so lucky to have this from the get go, Britni was not only my incredible prenatal yoga teacher, but she was also my doula.  Not only was Britni there to answer all my questions, but her prenatal sessions gave me and my husband so much information on everything we needed to know, that I felt empowered my birth and postnatal period.  Britni is candid, smart, non judgemental, and so incredibly supportive.  I would not have been able to even imagine going on this journey without her.  If you are pregnant, planning a baby, or have delivered...  all I can say is you gotta call Britni.

Samantha F.: Baby Boy - Virtual Support


We welcomed in June 2020 our first newborn. Although, we have families and friends with newborns, we wanted to have a unbiased experience and  a non-medicated delivery. We feared the hospital staff may pressured  us to use and follow some medical processes which we didn’t need. Being new in the United Arab Emirates and with the COVID-19 atmosphere, the pregnancy took a peculiar and stressful turn. I’ve been attending the prenatal yoga classes with Britni from week 18. I felt really confortable with her but the most important things were her positive aura and her motivational speech during the classes. The way she motivates the ladies during the classes convinced me to have her as our doula. The relationship with our Obgyn not being the nicest, Britni was the perfect balance to wave our fears and reply to our questions. She also includes my husband in the process to find his place and also the right role during the pregnancy. She was always available by email or WhatsApp for last minute questions. We highly recommend Britni for her large knowledge, kindness, patience, positiviy and her motivation.

Charlotte:  Baby Boy

After the birth of my daughter 6 years ago in the UK I decided there and then that next time round I would have doula present for any future deliveries. My daughter was born by emergency c-section - which I wasn’t prepared for at all! Although it couldn’t be avoided I knew that I would want to attempt a VBAC for any future pregnancies and that a doula could help me achieve this. When I fell pregnant last year, not long after moving to Dubai, I went on the search for a doula. Britni got in touch and as soon as we met I felt we connected. She was so calm, friendly and approachable that I knew she would be the right person to support us through this pregnancy and delivery. And of course there was the added bonus of her being a pre-natal yoga teacher.


Her knowledge, guidance and support were invaluable throughout my pregnancy. Being away from home, without friends and family around and a very alien healthcare system meant I really appreciated having her there to lean on! I’d forgotten so much from first time round as well! By the time I went into labor I really thought of Britni as a friend. We’d met several times through yoga and our pre-natal meetings. I had been unsure how my husband and I would feel having an extra person in the room when I labored/delivered but when the day came it felt like the most natural thing in the world!! Although things didn’t go the way we’d planned and I ended up having an emergency c-section again the whole experience felt so much calmer and more relaxed and in control having Britni there. My husband also really appreciated the extra support and having the pressure taken off him! Despite the birth plan there were many things I totally forgot on the day that Britni was able to remind me about.

My big (4.39kg!) baby boy (Jad Malcolm Albert Ives ) was born healthy and happy despite an eventful delivery. And we are so happy to have had Britni on this journey with us. I couldn’t recommend Britni highly enough as a yoga teacher and doula. Any family would be extremely lucky to have her support.

Marianna:  Baby Boy

Britni was our doula for the birth of our son in March 2017. I knew from the first time we met that she's who we need. She has such a kind and calm nature, as well as extensive knowledge in all things related to child birth. I did pre- and post-natal yoga as well with Britni, the exercises and breathing techniques incredibly helped me through giving birth and recovery. As a doula, Britni is extremely supportive, she was great throughout the whole experience, she helped both me and my husband to power through. She was fantastic in post-birth support as well. I'm so happy that I chose Britni and very grateful to her, she made the best day of our lives such a smooth and nice experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula they can fully trust and rely on to guide them through this magical journey.

Samantha:  Postnatal Yoga

I started attending Britni's Mommy & Baby Postnatal class when my daughter was about 6 months old. I had been looking for a class like Britni's: I hadn't been active after having a c-section, and I wanted to start moving again, but I didn't want to sacrifice time with my baby girl. 

Not only was Britni's class everything that I had been looking for, but her warmth, guidance, and patience exceeded my expectations. I found her classes to be a comfortable place where I could heal my body, and enjoy time with my daughter. Britni was there to help when my baby was fussy, and she happily comforted my daughter if I was in the middle of a yoga pose. As my daughter grew into a toddler and we continued to attend Britni's classes, I was relieved by Britni's patience and thankful for her ability to keep my toddler occupied while directing the class through a series of poses. 

I felt welcomed and appreciated in Britni's class. Now that I am pregnant with my second child, I look forward to attending Britni's Prenatal classes because I know that I will be in great hands. 

Tracy: Baby Boy

I have had every intention of writing a review of Britni as my Doula since Cash was about a week old. Every time I would sit down and try to write it, I couldn’t find the words to adequately express my gratitude, admiration, and respect for the work that she did and continues to do. As my son's first birthday quickly approaches, I find myself reflecting more than ever on his beautiful birth. And I think how differently his birth story would have gone had I not met Britni or hired her as my doula. Britni has a presence. It is one that is hard to put words to you, because it is more of a feeling that you get when you are around her. She has a way of softening and brightening whatever room she is in, whether it is a yoga studio, your home, or a hospital birthing room. Prior to meeting Britni, had you asked me what my birth plan was, I would have it said I expect my epidural to be waiting on me like a mint on the pillow. Britni never once pushed a belief or approach on me. She simply told her story and opened my mind to possibilities of what a birth could look like. Because of her, I had the most beautiful water birth I could imagine. For these reasons and so many more, I highly recommend Britni as a doula.

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